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I'm Cas. :wave:

I write... I write a lot... Currently the metaphorical monkeys banging on the hundred typewriters in my head are mostly working on Naruto fanfiction... But I have just started to branch out. I hope to one day become a famous author and retire young (although right now I'll settle for 'youngish' )

My claim to fame is an overly ambitious 'fan novel'. If you're not sure you want to commit your time to something so long as my magnum opus... May I suggest trying some of my short stories?

Original (ish) Fiction:

Behind Every Hero: Four young Heroes... A sarcastic thief, A noble-hearted barbarian, a pompous yet non-magical wizard, and the keeper of a goddess, who believes she is living in a epic heroic saga, are thrown together in adventure.

Link: Behind_Every_Hero_Chapter_1

Naruto Fanfiction:

Check and Mate (First Draft) Won First prize in :iconcommunityrelations: Beta-Reader-Match-Making contest. Basically a contest where you have to submit a short (3k words) first draft of a story, and then it gets handed over to an anonymous person who edits it. Prizes for best first drafts and best edits.


Check and Mate (Full story) Submitted to :iconshikatemashrine: Fan fiction contest. Unfortunately the contest was cancelled due to lack of participation. I include it here so you can see the difference between the draft and the full story.
WARNING: this story is rated 'M' for language and sexuality.


Christmas Gifts: Won 1st prize in the :iconnarutards-otw-unite: 'Wintery Words' contest  A comedy set in the young Sanin era
Link: Christmas_Gifts

The Last Battle of Tenten Nohara: My personal response to Naruto Chapter 614. Personally, I think this is the best damn thing I ever wrote.
Link: Last_Battle

Ghosts at a Party of Two: Written for 15 Days of Tenten's Birthday bash for :iconnarutenclub:
Link: Ghosts

The Forging of a Kunoichi: Won 2nd place in :icontentens-revenge: Tenten's Birthday Bash contest
Link: Forging

Healing: A short set in the Konoha Children's Crusade universe. Won 2nd prize in :icontentens-revenge: 'Friendship with Tenten' contest. If you like it... Give the rest of the story a try:
Link: Healing

Konoha Children's Crusade:


The story starts here: Prologue

If you like what you read, notice a mistake, or can think of some way to make the story better... Let me know. Feedback is always appreciated.
So... Yeah... I got tagged... again... and it has been a while since I've written anything in the old journal so I figured... Eh... why not. Nothing like barring the soul in an embarrassingly public way.

You may all blame :iconspadiekitchenqueen: for the horrors you are about to read...


1. You must include the rules in your journal.
2. List five random things about yourself.
3. Answer questions the tagger asked you.
4. Choose five people to tag in your journal and ask them five questions.

Five Random Facts about me:

1: When I was nineteen years old I spent the entire summer shlepping around the wilds of Alaska marking bald eagle nesting sites for Alaska's Dept. of Fish and Game... Best summer I ever had in my life

2:The worst thing I have ever eaten was an authentic French Andouille sausage... To this day I firmly believe that these things should be banned under the Geneva convention.

3:I adhere to the Stanislavsky theory of writing... That is, I'm usually incorporating my own life experience into my characters to help me identify with them better. (For example, that opening moment in Three little Kittens where Mizako and Ay are 'playing house' was one of them... One summer during college, my then girlfriend was house sitting for one of her professors. It was our first experience 'living together' with a member of the opposite sex. It was an awkward but very educational experience... and yes there was a humorous interruption of a very intimate moment When one of the professor's neighbors stopped by to ask if my girlfriend would be interested in watching her horse while she went on vacation. We neglected to lock the front door and the neighbor just wandered right in. Like Mizako, my girlfriend did indeed throw a blanket over my head and pretended that no one could possibly detect that I also happened to be in the bedroom.)

4:The three people who made it on to my 'Celebrity Freebie list' (That list of famous people you are 'allowed' to have a one night stand with once you get married) are Summer Glau, Tatiana Maslany, and pre-nose job Scarlett Johanssen (Why Scarlett? WHY?!? You had such an air of authentic beauty about you... now you just look generically hot! Smoking hot, I will grant you, but still...)

5:The first cartoon character I ever had the hots for was Velma from Scooby Doo. (And this was the old school Velma mind you...) The first anime character I ever had the hots for was probably Lisa Hayes from the old Robotech series. (I'm dating myself here... I know)

:iconspadiekitchenqueen:'s questions:

1/ What do you think is more likely to happen, zombie apocalypse or alien invasion?
Zombie apocalypse. I don't see how an alien invasion could be feasible without FTL travel... and once you have FTL travel, there's bound to be tons of easier ways to get what you want without attacking earth. On the other hand... If those hypothetical aliens think a lot like humans... we're doomed. There won't be an invasion. They'll just give us Alien syphilis and Alien smallpox laden blankets... and that will be the end of us.

2/ What is your fave food?
Burritos. I love Mexican food. The only thing stopping me from eating it all the time is the fact that my wife and kids and probably even my dog would leave me.

3/ Stranded on a desert island: name one object (no bigger than fist sized), one person, and one book you take with you.
Ah... Now you see, my answer very much depends on what sort of desert island we're talking about here... Are we talking Bear Grylls style "eating raw fish, drinking your own urine, and weaving shelters out of palm fronds" type of desert island, or are we talking a "Jungle paradise / Blue lagoon" style desert island where you lounge about eating lush fruit, diving into clear pools fed by sparkling waterfalls, drinking coconut milk and (ahem) 'frolicking' with the person of your choice?

So on island type A: a Swiss Army knife (the swisschamp one), Bear Grylls, and the SAS survival guide

on Island B: A bottle of sandalwood massage oil, Summer Glau, and a copy of "The Dummy's Guide to picking up Celebrities you find yourself trapped on a desert island with."

4/ Are you the kind of person who would shave his/her head on a spur of the moment/ bet thing?
Spur of the moment? No. No no no no no. I sunburn on a cloudy day. Being bald is just asking for trouble. For a bet? Maybe... What do I get if I win?

5/ would you rather speak all te langages of the world or play of any kind of musical instrument to perfection?
Languages. Music is great and all, but it doesn't tell you where the local bathroom is.

My Questions:

Aaron Sorkin said: Good writers borrow from other writers. Great writers steal from them outright.

Some might argue I'm twice the thief because most of what I write is fanfiction :D

Anyway, as I'm writing, I find it helps for me to read something in the same vein as what I'm writing, just to get the mood set in my head... ie if I want witty social commentary, I'll read Terry Pratchett. A big battle coming up? I pull out Bernard Crornwell. If I'm killing off a major character? George R R Martin... get the idea?

So here's what I would like. the names of Five books (all different authors if you can, please) that totally blew your mind... books that gave you that Keanu Reeves "Whoa." face :iconwhoaplz:

Bonus points if they are books that "everybody" doesn't know about... Try to stay away from the blockbusters... ie no Game of Thrones, no Hunger Games Trilogy (sorry :iconwordslost: :) ) I want to read the lesser known stuff that inspires people out there. I need some suggestions.

People I'm tagging:

I hate this part... as usual I am completely unmotivated to tag people. I am the place where tags go to die it seems... If you feel like being tagged, then by all means... walk into my outstretched hand and be tagged.


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