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KCC_Chapter_14_Storyboard_Hinata's_stand_1 by cas42 KCC_Chapter_14_Storyboard_Hinata's_stand_1 by cas42
Storyboard style Illustration from the Fan Novel Konoha Children's Crusade

Naruto characters (c) Masashi Kishimoto

From Chapter 14

“Heavenly rotation!” roared Hiashi as he spun, releasing chakra. The eight, sixteen, thirty two and sixty four strikes all ended up being deflected by Hiashi’s eight trigrams Heavenly rotation jutsu.

Hiashi stopped spinning and faced Hinata. “Eight trigrams, Vacuum cannon!” he shouted.

The crowd screamed and dove out of the way. The maelstrom of air took out the main doors and a good chunk of wall. A few stray pieces of plaster fell to the floor in crumbling chunks. Hinata stood on the middle of the floor, streaked with dust and dirt and slowly rotating to a stop. Surrounding her was the telltale circle of a successful Heavenly Rotation jutsu. “So, you have mastered that technique as well,” said Hiashi.

Hinata gave him a nod. “Neji did have to coach me quite a bit with that one.”

“And the previous jutsu? The divination sixty four strikes with the chakra whips?”

“She came up with that one when she was thirteen Hyuga-sama!” Naruto called out proudly. “She saved our lives with it when we were on a mission!”

“Are we having a nice time sitting here talking about our new fancy jutsu?” asked Junko with false cheerfulness. “Good lord Hiashi, how long do you intend to drag this out? How many times do I have to say it?” said Junko her voice dripping scorn. “Finish the girl.”

The smallest twitch flashed across Hiashi’s face. “I will ask you one last time Junko-sama to please keep a civil tongue. I am still the head of the Hyuga clan, and this challenge was never in doubt.” He made a series of hand signs. “Eight trigrams, twin vacuum palms!”

He shot the two air blasts at Hinata. As she dodged them, his hands flew through another series or hand signs. “Eight trigrams, vacuum morass!” He slammed his hands on the ground. A thick white fog rolled out from him and rolled towards Hinata.

She landed and there was a thick slurping noise and her feet sank into the fog. She pulled and tugged and barely managed to extract one foot. He father smiled at her. “I will admit I am surprised by your progress. You have shown more promise this day than I would have ever thought possible. But in the end you must accept your fate. This challenge of yours was hopeless.” Hinata closed her eyes and hung her head.

He looked at her a little sadly as he made the hand signs. “Eight trigrams, Vacuum air…” He flinched.

Something moving very fast blurred by Hiashi’s head. It swooped around in a tight arc and dove at him again. He thrust out a palm to block it but it swerved around and beat its wings at his face. Hiashi stumbled back and raised his arms to protect his head. It’s wings and claws left deep gouges in his flesh. Hiashi stumbled back and stared.
It was a hawk made of water.

It cupped its wings and headed up to what remained of the roof. Hiashi watched open mouthed as it perched.
It was his byakugan that saved him. Three more hawks swooped in, two high and one low. He dodged the first, hit the second with a palm strike, and tried to jump over the third. The low hawk rolled in its flight and grazed him with a wingtip. The wing drew a fine red line through his pants and skin.

The second hawk, when hit, lost its shape. It turned into a roiling mass of water just hovering in the air. Quickly, wings stretched out of the ball, and a head and tail appeared as well. The new formed hawk flapped hard to gain some height. Naruto, Kento and Riku began cheering. They whistled, yelled and stomped their feet.

Hiashi was holding his own against the four hawks. He had entered a jukken stance and was trying to imitate Hinata, using jukken as a defensive technique. The hawks twisted and spun around him. They would dive and fly headlong into his body. Hiashi’s robe was getting covered with growing red spots from all the small wounds he was receiving.
He was attacked again. One hawk for each of the four cardinal directions. Hiashi was a blur of speed as he lunged out with feet and hands blocking each of the birds around him.

The fifth hawk caught him. It had flown up as high as it could and entered a power dive straight down. Hiashi barely had the time to step back. The hawk spread out its wings and cracked him across the crown of his head.
Hiashi staggered but did not fall. His hands shot out. “Eight trigrams twin vacuum palms!” The dual fountains of air bored towards Hinata.

Three of the hawks broke from harassing Hiashi and darted in front of her. They splashed together and formed an angled ramp of water in front of her. The air vortexes hit the ramp and angled up into the roof causing another smattering of debris to fall down. The remaining two hawks darted in at Hiashi. He spun making a small Heavenly Rotation. Rather than crash into it they back beat their wings and pulled up short. The ramp re-formed into hawks again. Two of them began to fly in a pattern around Hinata while the third went to circle Hiashi.

Hiashi stopped his Kaiten and warily looked up. “You have water nature chakra? I never knew that.”

“You keep telling me that a good leader must be willing to learn. There are a lot of things about me that you do not know Father,” said Hinata quietly.

Hiashi nodded sadly. “I hope someday that you will allow me to rectify that… regardless of how this challenge ends.”

Hinata cocked her head and smiled listening to Naruto’s cheers. “It’s a possibility,” she admitted quietly. “But I have made promises to people very important to me…” She looked up at her father. “These are promises that I intend to keep for as long as I live.”

Hiashi nodded once. “Noble sentiments. However, I also have made promises.” He gestured at the fog surrounding Hinata’s feet. “You are aware that you are trapped? I assume that you only have a limited amount of water to work with otherwise you would have made more than five birds.” He looked around at the circling hawks. “This would have been much more impressive if you had shown the full extent of your abilities earlier.”

“I didn’t want to hurt you Father, if I could avoid it,” said Hinata calmly.

“Nor I you,” replied Hiashi. He sighed. “It cannot be helped.” His hands made the tiger sign. “Burning hands, vacuum palm.”

Hiashi exhaled out a thin stream of flames. It wrapped around the vortex of the vacuum palm and made a miniature fiery tornado. The blaze snaked toward Hinata.

The two hawks guarding her splashed together and formed a thin shield of water surrounding her. Hiashi played his makeshift flamethrower over it.

The three hawks circling him dove and struck. He punched out at the first but the second and third raked his back, tearing long bloody strips from his robes.

The hawks wheeled and and swooped in again. Again Hiashi was struck, this time in the left shoulder. He winced but the flames continued to bathe Hinata’s water shield.

The burning twister began to break through. Her shield was boiling away. One of the Hawks broke away from her Father and added it’s water to her shield. Hiashi was now easily able to fend off the remaining two hawks. “You see the problem now don’t you?” he said conversationally to her over the roar of the flames. “You must reduce your attack power to defend, but all the while I am eating away at your defenses. Soon you will run out of material.”

Hinata’s shield began to boil away again. She added another hawk to keep the water barrier protecting her whole. Hiashi in response used his other hand to add a second flame jet to his fire technique. Both of the blazing tornadoes began to sizzle away at her shield. With his byakugan, Hiashi was able to dodge the remaining hawk with ease.

Hinata was beginning to sweat. She was surrounded by clouds of superheated steam. Her injuries were beginning to ache as she used all her chakra to push the water against her father’s flames.

She added the last hawk to her shield. There was a hissing sound as the last of the wall boiled away.

Hinata flinched as the flames flickered towards her. She smelt the stink of singed hair. Mercifully the fires stopped.
She panted and beat out a small fire on her flak jacket.

Hiashi stood and smiled at her sadly. “I triumph,” he said quietly, “Because I am willing to sacrifice. I sacrificed my body in order to win this victory. I am willing to take a few wounds in order to destroy your defenses.” He studied her carefully. “Sacrifice is another thing that you will have to learn.”

“Then why didn’t you teach me before?” she asked. She fixed him with her stare. “Why couldn’t you have done it earlier?”

Hiashi shifted uncomfortably. “We will discuss this later. Yield now, this challenge is all but over.”

Hinata shook her head stubbornly. “This challenge is not over. I will not yield.”

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Artist's Note:

Cas must have been a good boy this year! I got a set of sharpies in my stocking that were just begging go be used.

So... I've been having this tempation to try to turn the Konoha Children's Crusade into a fan anime for a while now.I keeping thinking up cool visuals and I actually see most of it as a cartoon as I write it... I keep telling myself it would just be a cool little project to try on the side.

And I'll get right to it after I win the lottery, win a Nobel prize, get a pony, and Summer Glau starts sending me love sonnets.

Seriously... Who am I kidding?
Kakashisith Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
Not bad
cas42 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
Thanks, that means a lot.

I'm fairly confident with my writing... But I always feel like a six year old can draw better than I can.

Coming from you... with your 'The New Path' dojinshi being as excellent as it is, I'll consider a 'not bad' to be high praise. :D

Kakashisith Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
Not bad means good, very good .My "New Path" will be damn long... Kakashi will be Orochimaru`s prisoner, tryes to save Sasuke and then kills Orochimaru...
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